Courtesy the Tuohy Family
The incredible true story of NFL star's journey from Memphis streets to pro football career.
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VIDEO: Inside Michael Ohers Bachelor Pad
Inside Michael Oher's 'Bachelor Pad' Baltimore Raven's rookie tackle opens up his home to ABC's Deborah Roberts.
Photo: The Blind Side: Making This Seasons Surprise Box Office Smash Hit: Like the Real Michael Oher, Actor Quinton Aaron Was in Dire Straights Before Big Break
Inside the Season's Surprise Box Office Smash Hit Director John Lee Hancock dishes on casting Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw in movie.
Michael Oher's NFL Dream Fulfilled Rookie tackle says being drafted by Baltimore Ravens was a "dream come true."
Real-Life Story Behind The Blind Side
Exclusive: The Real-Life Story of 'The Blind Side' Tuohys, family that inspired "The Blind Side," shares story in live interview.
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The Epic Journey of NFL?s Michael Oher
The Epic Journey of NFL's Michael Oher Memphis mom whose family took wayward teen in: "It just broke my heart."
Michael Oher Meets Classroom Challenge
Michael Oher Meets Classroom Challenge New family, tutor pitch in to give promising athlete shot at college admission.
The Blind Side Movie Hits Big
'The Blind Side' Movie Hits Big Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron talk about filming Michael Oher's life story.
Memphis Player Follows Ohers Footsteps
Memphis Player Follows Oher's Footsteps Tackle O.C. Brown is a rising football star in the mold of Michael Oher.
For Michael Oher, a Dream Come True
For Michael Oher, a Dream Come True Baltimore Ravens snap up college star in first round of NFL draft.
'Blind Side' Stars
VIDEO: Tim McGraw Moved by Blind Side
Tim McGraw Moved by 'Blind Side' Music star, who plays father Sean Tuohy, says it's a "great American story."
VIDEO: Quinton Aaron Tours Bronx Neighborhood
Quinton Aaron Tours Bronx Neighborhood Like the real Michael Oher, 'Blind Side' actor was in dire straits before movie.
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The Blind Side Movie
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EXCERPT: 'The Blind Side,' by Michael Lewis
Read an exerpt from the book on Michael Oher's amazing journey.