Jackie Felt Suicidal After JFK's Assassination

How would Jacqueline Kennedy have felt about McSorley's records? "I doubt that she would have wanted this information known," said Maier. "Her letters are still … in the JFK library, with the stipulation that they not be opened to historians for many, many years to come. But I think there was, nevertheless, the awareness that they will be eventually opened by historians, just like…McSorley's private unprocessed papers at Georgetown."

McSorley came to visit Jacqueline Kennedy in New York several times, and took John Jr. to the 1964 World's Fair, and to a nearby museum. According to McSorley's account, one night, as they put the young boy to bed, Jacqueline Kennedy asked McSorley to sing the Irish ballad Danny Boy to John Jr. His father used to sing it to him, she said. McSorley did his best, and afterwards, John, Jr. asked for another song — this one, from his mother. He wanted to hear America, the Beautiful.

"It's quite extraordinary, that scene," said Maier. "It's the scene of a family with the pictures of their father, their husband up on the walls-trying to mend."

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