Personal Sacrifices for Faith

What is it about this austere life that would induce these seven women -- students, professionals, who have had relationships with men -- to give up family, career or home ownership?

Christine Curran, 28, once worked as an editor for a Washington journal. "I guess it's just a feeling of wanting more. Careers sound wonderful, [but] the more I think about things like that, it still doesn't capture enough of that feeling inside me. It's like you want to give yourself in a deeper way."

Katherine Whetham, 24, a theology grad student at Boston College said, "Honestly, there's no other choice for me. That's what I feel. There's nothing else that I know. So even though this looks very difficult and hard or maybe impossible or a failure, it is worth the risk. I'm certain. I hope God is certain."

But Whetham is also very much like other young women her age. "Their habit is really awesome. I like black and white. It's simple. That's the cool thing. I like simple clothing. I'm pretty monastic already."

The call to monastic life must be strong to lure women like these away from the pleasures of the world -- from new clothing and music, to sex, families and children. But will they forsake their lives to go behind these walls?

To find out, watch "2020" Friday at 10 p.m., EDT, as Diane Sawyer explores life behind the walls of a cloistered convent.

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