Raising a 'Loved Dog'

"I would sit and observe them, and I realized there was none of that nonsense of breaking the spirit involved. As a matter of fact, they really interacted and set their pecking order by games," she explains. "I would take [the games] to my home, try it on my dogs, and my dogs looked at me and they were like, 'Finally! Finally someone who speaks my language.'"

Love, Not Force

It's that ability to engage dogs, star client Nicolette Sheridan says, that sets Geller apart as a trainer. "The consistent thing about Tamar's training is that it's always been about love," Sheridan explains. "You come up with what it is that you'd like [your dog] to learn, and if you make it fun they're going to learn it and love to do it for you because they want to please you."

So if Tamar Geller has her way, your dog will be your best friend, but only if you return the favor.

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