Camden's Little Citizens With Big Dreams

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine has inherited Camden's 50 years of turmoil, government corruption and crime. He told Sawyer that "we're going to keep working every day as an administration, as a group of people, to try to invest in the future and their lives."

Last month Corzine outlined a new crime plan — he improved technology so police officers can better communicate on the streets and fixed police shifts so criminal activity can be consistently tracked.

"It is not just 'What is the state going to do?'" Corzine told Sawyer. "It's not just what the people of Camden are going to do, it's, 'What are we going to do as a society?'"

A New Friend for Moochie

When we first met Moochie, she was confident and excited, especially about her first day of school. "I need to go to college so I can get a job," she said.

But her world slowly came crashing down. Her father battled alcoholism, and her brother got in trouble with the law. Moochie's once vibrant spirit began to dim.

After the program, one of you came to help. Wanda, who works at a record label in New York, contacted ABC and offered to become a mentor to the little girl. "The minute I saw Moochie," she said, "I knew all I wanted was to be a part of Moochie's life."

They became fast friends, and Wanda enrolled Moochie in ballet class in a neighboring town. For Moochie this was something out of a dream.

"I love Wanda, she is awesome!" she exclaimed.

But not everything has changed for Moochie. Her older brother Eric has been charged as an adult on multiple drug and weapons charges, and over the summer her cousin was shot and killed in front of her house. "He was a little bit close to not dying, but he died," she said with a sigh.

Moochie, along with some other kids from Camden, had the opportunity to sit down with Corzine to discuss the issues most important to them. She grilled him on topics ranging from police protection to homelessness in Camden. She also complained to the governor about her needle-infested park. "We should do a better job of cleaning up around here," said Corzine. "I'll look into that specific park."

Two months later, Moochie visited "needle park" to see whether the governor had kept his word.

"He said he was going to fix it and it seems like he isn't going to do anything," she said furiously. The park, as it was been before, was littered with drug paraphernalia.

Opportunity Knocks for Billy

Just days after "Waiting on the World to Change" aired, opportunity literally called for Billy Joe Marrero. Movie director Gavin O'Connor offered Billy a small part in his new film, "Pride and Glory." Billy was ecstatic.

One freezing winter night in New York, Billy was on set awaiting his close-up. "I feel like a superstar," he said, even though his role was "just a Dominican thug at a bodega," he said.

In the months since our first report, Billy did in fact graduate from high school and began attending community college. But what followed was not a fairy tale ending. Billy had trouble focusing on school and soon dropped out of college. He also had a baby with his now ex-girlfriend. Yet he continues to cheer on his four younger brothers who are busy balancing school and work.

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