'20/20' Sets Speed Trap to Catch Speeding Cops

Tune in to ABC News "20/20" on Friday, Oct. 4 to find out what happens.
2:07 | 10/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for '20/20' Sets Speed Trap to Catch Speeding Cops
We decided to turn the tables on the cops with our own twenty toward the speed trap in Raleigh, North Carolina and -- along this road. Our objective to not only catch any -- -- in the act. To all -- And -- jockeys to follow them to their final -- -- Our target -- stretch of I forty near downtown Raleigh British -- -- the 65 miles per hour. We deploy our surveillance team starting with. Ron Clark remember he's the guy who's been documenting student constant role for -- -- -- his job is to lure artists really fast moving squad cars heading our way. -- doctor turner will have more from the -- -- -- -- if you accurately measure -- -- -- he suspected speedy counter traveling three to ride -- Sit up to checkpoints. Agreed to. Bar. We've measured the exact distance between these two points by timing out how long it takes to pass between them. It's simple relatively to calculate the miles per hour problem -- The ladies if we confirm concerts beating us when -- -- pulling my chain scored. Killed and -- wherever they're going. Even though we choose something with me fifteen horsepower boost him with chants of whose. -- -- show. So we brought -- air cavalry -- helicopter. Equipped with an interview surveillance camera it will be no -- our night sky. -- what he should be trapeze yet and it's not a law until this cruiser flies by our checkpoints. 75 miles per hour mark. Next hit over the limit no lights or sirens by the time crews -- reaches us in the chase -- -- even more speak. Thought about -- -- -- hard pressed catcher Mike chase goers left in the dust but luckily our chopper team gets us back on track. -- -- -- -- says it's BI crime. Ridden all the -- to its final destination and confront let's put it off. Governor from ABC news.

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{"id":20459683,"title":"'20/20' Sets Speed Trap to Catch Speeding Cops","duration":"2:07","description":"Tune in to ABC News \"20/20\" on Friday, Oct. 4 to find out what happens.","url":"/2020/video/2020-sets-speed-trap-catch-speeding-cops-20459683","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}