Drunk Teen Killed After Home Invasion

Act 1: Caleb Gordley was shot and killed after a night of drinking when he entered the wrong home.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Drunk Teen Killed After Home Invasion
ingredients that are part of so many friday nice for teenagers across this country, partying and alcohol. Tonight, an hour every parent wants to see. Every parent these stories, thinking not my child. With all of that alcohol, he was uniquing into the wrong house and what happened next, only two people will ever know for sure. And one of them is dead. Here's abc's deborah roberts. Reporter: It was a late saturday night last spring. 16-year-old caleb gordley had a secret plan, to sneak out of his house to go party with some friends. A popular, three-sport athlete at parkview high school in virginia, caleb was also an aspiring rapper seeing himself as the next jay-z. ♪ ♪ time moves slow ♪ he was a self-proclaimed rapper, going by the name of "prince george." The core was his music, was his lyrics, was his -- poetry. I have 85 songs that I've collected. Reporter: A good kid? Great kid. He was very respectful, very polite. Reporter: Partier? No. He did not drink. And that's what makes that night even more peculiar, even more odd. Reporter: And out of character for caleb. He's not much of a drinker, but, I guess, he wanted to try for that night. Reporter: Yet, the one-time caleb decided to let loose. He would wind up dead in a stranger's home. It all began with a typical teen punishment. He had been grounded because he went to the park on a sunday afternoon after I told him to clean his room. I said, "one week, you cannot go anywhere. You go to school. You go to practice, whatever. You're coming straight home. And he accepted it. He doesn't get up in my face. He said, "all right, dad." Reporter: By the end of the week, caleb is itching to get out of the house. ♪ Reporter: Tweeting throughout the day, "honestly, who's throwing a party tonight. I'm trying to have fun tonight, no lie." Caleb and sister eden are living with their dad, their parents shawn and jennea are divorced. Their first born was a natural ham, caleb, here at 6, busting a move to 'n sync's song "girlfriend." ♪ he just had that energy that really attracted lot of people to him. Because he was so fun and good-hearted. Reporter: To give their kids a better life, the gordleys left behind the tough, crime-ridden streets of dayton, ohio, for the tranquil suburbs of sterling, virginia, where shawn is a corporate i.T. Manager. I was happy with the area, i was happy with the school. The community seemed to be very active and social and kind of close-knit. Reporter: After the split, jennae moved back to ohio to go to school, but never missed a beat with her kids. How much did you monitor his social media accounts? A lot. And that was the one time i didn't in that particular day. I would have saw the signs if i would have just looked that day. About the parties and talking to friends about it. He was looking for someplace to go that night. Reporter: So, at the stroke of midnight, caleb slips out the window of his two-story home. He would never return. Caleb's first mistake would happen just after arriving at a buddy's house a few blocks away. Some of the boys begin tossing back vodka shots. By 2:00 a.M., A woozy caleb decides it's time to go home before his dad notices he's gone. Good friend kory carico was with caleb. I took him back to my house and I was going to make him stay there, but he knew he had to get home. I knew that for sure. He kept bothering us about it, Reporter: Staggering now, caleb needs his sober friend to walk him the few blocks home to his quiet cul-de-sac where many of the houses in the development look nearly identical. We crossed this fence because all the houses are similar, and once we crossed we came up to this window over here. You thought this was the window? Yes. We thought this was the window, I've never come in the back way before. It looks different from the back. I always come from the front when I come pick him up in the morning, so I figured it was his house because he thought it was his house, too. Reporter: Did you just sort of like shove caleb in? No, he went in himself. The alarm went off and then i saw the light come on and then i heard yelling, which I thought was his dad, so then I ran because I thought I was going to get in trouble. Reporter: Turns out it's not caleb's dad, in fact it's not even caleb's house. It's the neighbor's home two doors down. The startled homeowner grabs his 40-caliber pistol that he kept next to his bed thinking a burglar has broken in at 2:30 in the morning. In the chilling moments that follow -- gunshots. How many times was caleb actually physically shot? Once. Out of four shots, he was hit once. A developing story now out of sterling. Responded to burglary. Reporter: The next morning news of a shooting quickly spreads through the neighborhood. At caleb's home, there is panic. His sister eden realizes her brother isn't in his bed. Many friend's mother called her and told her that someone two doors away from us had gotten shot. She said somebody was trying to break in. I told my dad and then maybe like an hour later, he was like, "i woke up this morning and caleb's not home. I don't know where he is." I ran over to the neighbors' house, knocked on the door and didn't find out any information. Reporter: What's going through your mind at this point? I know my son's dead. I know he's dead. Cory dropped caleb off at my house at 2:30 in the morning, and there was a shooting in my neighborhood at 2:30 and I can't find my son. I knew it instantly. Reporter: His 16-year-old son shot dead. I could barely talk. And I was so lost. I couldn't fathom surviving this. I just -- no. I was like, "what -- there's no -- no -- there's no going beyond this." Reporter: Eden and shawn break the unbearable news to jennea in ohio. Overcome with grief, she heads to virginia. I wept in the airport, I wept on the plane in front of strangers, and it didn't even matter. Reporter: You lost your son. Did you understand at all what had happened? I did. I understood that, you know, he made a mistake. And it cost him his life. Yeah, my handsome man. Reporter: A life even caleb realized was fragile. This is a new microphone. Trust me, I'm going to have six songs I'm going to put out today. Sfwlr and one of those songs he wrote just months before dying is oddly prophetic. ♪ Reporter: Called "wreckless," the sound of gunshots in the background, caleb. ♪ Your life can be done like that like that, like that ♪ Reporter: His own life cut heartbreakingly short in what seemed a classic case of self-defense. This person going up the stairs, I guess he felt in fear for their lives. I mean, I put all on me at first. I thought it was all my fault, because I took him to the wrong house. Reporter: But then you realized it was a tragic mistake. Yeah. Reporter: Both shawn and jennea believed it an awful accident, until they got the police report. What it revealed would change everything for caleb's parents. Once I got the details, I was absolutely outraged. Reporter: Was it self-defense or something else? Murder. Reporter: Stay with us.

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{"id":21496317,"title":"Drunk Teen Killed After Home Invasion","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 1: Caleb Gordley was shot and killed after a night of drinking when he entered the wrong home.","url":"/2020/video/drunk-teen-killed-home-invasion-21496317","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}