Indestructible: How Did These Men Survive?

Helicopter breaks in two; 12-ton steeple falls on car; extreme accidents that nearly killed 2 men.
6:54 | 02/25/13

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Transcript for Indestructible: How Did These Men Survive?
It could happen at any moment you might have shouted collects on the subway tracks sports to -- -- driving trip like -- Pregnant -- born and might well think this is it -- They're all over the Internet. This man should have been hit by that -- Last month as high school wrestler was -- -- -- -- light fixture. But here read all these other incidents we -- -- -- you. No -- done their miraculous moments that can get right -- teach. Transport to. Survivors lives. I shouldn't be dad I shouldn't be here right now. Hard charging helicopter reporter Andrew tourists looked at -- over New York. -- the big stories from the sky reporting live chopper -- Andrew -- back to in the studio to talk about -- bird's -- can you see everything that happens that's never problems. To be looking down on the Empire State Building is an amazing thing. This day was sunny and clear entrance pilot -- now we were heading out to cover -- shooting broke. You can point in the scene so police cars in the ambulance and tape they wanted to get right on the air -- that one person was shot in this area a short time ago just moments. We'll go live with his second report that -- -- helicopter start spinning out of control. What was your immediate reaction when she realized the pilot basically had lost. Controlled helicopter panic and terror this was going to be my last minute on earth and we went into a nosedive. Which was terrifying. And then the pilot was able to pull us level -- I thought. We were going to be all right. You thought wrong. We started to lose more altitude and we went completely out of control again. All the while his colleagues in the other helicopters to watch Britain's. That I might -- And -- chopper crashes through -- Friction. Typically -- reporters in those other shoppers. -- -- -- We want more yeah we have some breaking news talk about the helicopter from my rival television station has crashed Shannon what do you know. I'm sorry no you'll have to excuse me I'm a little shaken up this helicopter came down the last few minutes and -- anyone -- -- -- first of all we do not know the severity of injuries. And this tiny. -- -- and only scratching. When I walk out of there my shirt is still straight. It straighter than it is now. We -- schedule back to the Brooklyn building where his chopper crash it's. We came through there. And then did that tumble cleared of that Alley down below. And landed I guess right here but you walked out without a single broken -- That's incredible. A miracle mixed in with some fortunate physics hitting the champion. Breaking -- to absorb -- energy and actually reduced the speed of -- helicopter saving Andrew and the pilot's life and Andrew no longer lines bearing the psychological. Scars. -- may never heal. Am I don't care people get impatient behind me and I'm not doing twenty miles over the speed limit. I have to be careful because you just never now. To think how close I came to not experiencing the joy. Getting married and having my own family. That's why I don't take anything for granted anymore. Another member of the I should be dead club. Michael Williams. October 20 ninth 2009. Michael wounds on his way home. It's a graphic designer. Waiting for -- this late to change but suddenly the weather changes. Went from clear whether literally and store. A series of tornadoes ripping through Louisiana. What was your last conscious thought before he got it at a brand new -- -- wanting anything getting in. The twister admits it twelve -- church steeple about the size of them Mack truck into this guy and -- and Michael's car. -- want one when he can't argue paint. People is coming off but it completely crush the call are out I think anyone -- I am sure there it. If people look at this vote. Michael Williams is buried -- -- this next shipment. Firefighters Jim -- hoping JC Johnson. See there's just no way possible with this -- -- been alive paramedic Jackie -- -- is off duty that day but can use the ball and -- the site. How it's prepared mind body self satisfied -- -- saves and then -- conceivable. I lifted my head and asked them to please get -- He really she's alive he realizes a lot of start trying to fill -- metal. That's around and also so that we can get him. Out of this deal Julie -- Michaels broke in mind. Metal -- paved -- me. -- -- down to a bowl with the fetal position repeatedly wrapped around his -- back our. Head have been split open elements goal must -- -- with the broken. -- back have been broken that I couldn't very side just lay my head down mr. taking short for a house. Michael is fading he's losing blood at least close to -- It's risky the rescuers had to remove him from the wreckage and save his life because kind of scooped me out big burly -- Carrying -- little -- -- like a crate. Very gentle. Over -- the stretcher. Michael spends nine days in the hospital that a mobilized for four months. Torment my pain even hallucinations. The worst part was the unknowns. I didn't so award while walking. I didn't know how much things come back. Michael's body was so broken people never fully come back. That as a recovering alcoholic become -- lessons learned from alcoholics anonymous. His spirit. He'll I've learned in this life that one of the ways to piece is that some -- have to get him. And the first place Michael -- he was well enough. Visit this brutally each thanks. -- for some. That's got to -- -- -- this guy's life. When a miracle crosses our past we will remember him because there's not paying any.

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{"id":18592063,"title":"Indestructible: How Did These Men Survive?","duration":"6:54","description":"Helicopter breaks in two; 12-ton steeple falls on car; extreme accidents that nearly killed 2 men.","url":"/2020/video/indestructible-men-survive-18592063","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}