Frankie J Gives Us Some Heartbreak Advice

PHOTO: Frankie J is still singing about heartbreak on his first album in 4 years, "Hope Faith y Amor".PlayFusion
WATCH Frankie J Is Still Singing About Heartache

Mexican-American R&B singer (and former member of the Kumbia Kings ) Frankie J is really excited about his new album "Faith, Hope and Amor," just check out his Twitter feed.

If "Frankie J" sounds familiar but you don't remember why, think back to a better time, like 2003, when he collaborated with Baby Bash for "Suga Suga". Yeah, remember?

Then in 2005 when your favorite Aventura song "Obsession" was released in English in R&B version. That was Frankie J too.

It's been a while (4 years actually) since the San Diego native released a full album. But despite being happily married with two great kids, Frankie J still had heartache to sing about in his new album. Seriously, who's the woman who broke this poor guy's heart so bad he's still singing about it?

Actually, it was his wife.

Well maybe not for all his songs, but Frankie J's first hit in 2003 "Don't Wanna Try" was about his breakup with his 4-year girlfriend... who eventually became his wife. Aww.

So it's no wonder why he's picking up right where he left off: comforting people about love and loss. Because there's light at the end of the tunnel. He says heartbreak songs help people feel like they are not alone in their Ben & Jerry's-eating breakup despair. "Heartbreaking songs are the songs that pretty much make the world go round. I think it hits home to a lot of people," he says.

We had to ask Frankie J to give us some heartbreak advice. Watch the video above for his enlightening tips.