The Hair-volution of Juanes Through the Years

PHOTO: Colombian musician Juanes announces nominations for The XIII Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Belasco Theater on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012, in Los Angeles. The show will be held on Nov. 15 in Las Vegas.Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
Colombian musician Juanes announces nominations for The XIII Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Belasco Theater on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012, in Los Angeles. The show will be held on Nov. 15 in Las Vegas.

Juanes' hair-volution is almost as fascinating as his musical journey and rise to fame. With the Latin Grammys right around the corner (live from Las Vegas on Nov. 15 on Univision), it's time to take a look back at the standalone statements the 40-year-old Colombian superstar's mane has made through the years.

It's no surprise hair plays an important role in Juanes' life. Being the deeply spiritual person that he is, he often cuts it to, as he told us himself late last year, "break the old chains [because] hair holds a lot of energy."

If his theory holds true, then his current haircut is his best one yet, making way for a 2012 filled with accolades.

This year, Juanes is nominated in four categories at the Latin Grammys (See also: The Full List of Latin Grammy Nominees), including Album of the Year, for his MTV Unplugged, which was overseen by his friend and musical soulmate Juan Luis Guerra, who himself is nominated in several categories, including Producer of the Year (for Juanes' album). So that's five nods total for Juanes if we're going to get technical.

We're willing to bet Juanes walks away with some hardware to add to his ever-expanding collection this year (17 Latin Grammys to date, more than any other solo male artist!).

And to think that he was at the first-ever Latin Grammys in 2001, for which he was nominated - and won - in the Best New Artist category.

Take a trip down memory lane and tell us: What's your fave look for Juanes ever?

The 90s

As lead vocalist for the metal rock band Ekhymosis back in his native Medellin, Juanes was channeling his Anglo rock gods with this look, which would make Anthony Kiedis proud.


Once Juanes went solo on Fijate Bien, he had to give himself a makeover telling the world, "Hey, I'm here and I'm here to stay." So for the title track's video, he opted for a super clean-cut look, which accentuates his perfectly symmetrical features. Hey, if we had that face, we'd show it off, too!


For his sophomore effort, Un Dia Normal, Juanes couldn't decide whether to grow it out or chop it off. Good thing he looked great while he made up his mind, as evidenced by the video for the hit single, "Es Por Ti."


By the time he released his massive hit "La Camisa Negra," one of the best metaphors for a broken heart ever recorded and a standout track on Mi Sangre, Juanes had opted to leave it long enough to venture into ponytail terrain. And we're glad he did.


On his album La Vida Es Un Ratico, Juanes became very reflective about love and family. It's no wonder he decided to cut his hair super-short again and start anew. "Me Enamora", along with a few other tracks on the album, represented Juanes' renewed commitment to his wife Karen, after the two took some time apart.


One of Juanes' best qualities is his ability to defy the passage of time, both as an artist and as a person. How is it that he looks almost exactly the same on his 2010 album P.A.R.C.E as he did three years earlier? Peep the video for "Y No Regresas" and tell us if you can spot a wrinkle.


For his latest album, the critically acclaimed MTV Unplugged, Juanes has once again started to grow his hair back. But don't expect him to ever go back to his 90s mane. "I'm probably never going to let it grow as long as it once was," he told us recently, "but I'm liking my hair the way it is." We dig it, too!

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