Lin-Manuel Miranda Owes his Marriage to Mark Zuckerburg

PHOTO: DM your love.PlayFusion/Jessica Blank
WATCH Lin-Manuel On Love and His New Romantic Comedy

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a busy guy. He's just wrapped up working on the Tony Awards' opening number -- while supporting his own Tony-nominated musical version of Bring It On -- and is starring in 200 Cartas, a romantic comedy-cum-road trip movie that follows graphic novelist Raul (played by Lin-Manuel, and please don't call them "comic books") as he treks across Puerto Rico to find a woman he'd only just met.

The film -- which also stars Dayanara Torres, Jaime Camil, and Monica Steuer -- kicks into high gear when Raul, desperate to locate a woman he barely knows -- writes a letter to each of the 200 Maria Sanchezes living in Puerto Rico. Which is all romantical and stuff, but we'd be more inclined to Facebook stalk the object of our desire for days before we'd write him or her single word.

So. Does Lin-Manuel have any romantic advice for those of us who show our undying love for near strangers by favoriting their tweets and hoping they'll think our profile picture is cute?

200 Cartas opens today in select theaters.