Puerto Rican TV Station Will Not Cancel Controversial Show

But, detractors say the show often crosses a line. In her controversial history, La Comay has repeatedly used the derogatory Spanish slang word "pato" to refer to gay people, she has tried to "out" prominent figures she thinks are gay, she has poked fun at a local newscaster for her weight (asking if she had swallowed a basketball), and she has called a black person a "monkey," as The Huffington Post reported on Monday. When challenged for her statements, La Comay has frequently responded that she is joking around. And in rare instances, La Comay has apologized for offending members of her audience.

However, Serrano says such apologies only come when the station's financial interests are threatened and that little changes on the show after they say sorry.

"[The apologies] are made to try to control the damage," Serrano said.

But as the boycott grows, and as big companies continue to pull their ad dollars, another pro- La Comay movement has grown on Facebook, with nearly 14,000 members, so far. As members of the boycott gathered outside of the WAPA on Friday evening, so too did pro-La Comay protesters, all holding printed signs that had messages of support for the show. The gathering was reportedly sponsored by a man named Jorge Claudio, who chartered buses and a professional-grade speaker system. Two planes were also hired to fly above the island with messages of solidarity. Claudio denied allegations that he had paid protesters, many of whom were teenagers, to show support for the show, according to a report by Primera Hora.

Serrano suggested that WAPA was either directly or indirectly involved in organizing the event, due to the scale of Friday's arrangements. But the network adamantly denies these claims, maintaining that they are unaffiliated with Claudio.

"WAPA is very grateful for the support though," their spokesperson wrote in an email.

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