Three Things Each Candidate Needs To Do to Win the Danville Debate


2. He needs to appeal to the middle. Both the middle class and middle America. His running mate is often accused of caring more about the rich than 'regular folks,' and Ryan needs to counter that by playing up his Midwestern, 'every man' roots. The born-and-bred Wisconscinite must convince people that he, but more importantly his running mate, cares about middle-class Americans by talking about issues important to them -- everything from job creation to education. He needs to convince voters that Obama's policies are not working for the middle class and that, once again, change is a good thing.

3.He needs to introduce himself. It sounds basic and he did this when Romney announced him as his running mate a little bit, but many people still aren't completely sure who Paul Ryan is. While the internet was swirling with stories of his P90X workouts, Ryan needs to tell people about things like his background, his wife, and his kids. Likability matters and people relate to stories about being a husband, a father and a son. He should also tie in Romney's devotion to his family.

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