CPAC: Conservatives Wrestle With Immigration Divide

Dan Garza, president of the conservative LIBRE Initiative, expressed wariness about cooperating with President Obama and Democrats on immigration, saying that Democrats have been unwilling to budge on issues like a path to citizenship and a guest-worker program to allow immigrant laborers to work legally in the U.S.

"They are unwilling to compromise because they continue to use this as a wedge issue instead of getting to a solution," he said. "I'm concerned that reasonable people who have offered up solutions … we're not going to see that on the other side and we're going to get nothing."

Instead of a sign of a movement that's hopelessly divided, Ayres said that it was positive for conservatives to talk out their differences on the issue. He also noted that the audience got a lot warmer as the event went on because leaders offered up a number of persuasive ideas about how to deal with immigration reform.

"I think it says there is enormous potential for conservatives to get behind immigration reform that's rooted in conservative principles," he added. "This is the time to do something about this issue."

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