Cuban-Americans No Longer a Sure Bet for the GOP

Matt Barreto of Latino survey group Latino Decisions is also critical of the idea that Cuban-Americans have shifted Democratic. He calls national exit polling on Cuban-Americans, which actually showed Obama with a slight lead among Cuban-American voters in Florida, "nonsense" because of small sampling sizes and wide margins of error. Barreto also believes his organization's surveys indicate Mitt Romney won the Cuban-American vote.

"Yes, it's possible that there's some softening, especially among second generation Cuban-Americans," he said, "but the Cuban immigrant vote is still very, very influential within the Cuban-American population and they are overwhelmingly Republican."

Many simply think the exit polling data should serve as a wake-up call to Republicans.

"For Republicans, this must be very sobering, because in a quick, dramatic shift, your most reliable base of Hispanics in the GOP are suddenly not there," pollster Fernand Amandi, managing partner of the survey group Bendixen & Amandi International, told the Washington Post.

Barreto did agree that a shift toward Democratic policies among younger Cubans is possible in the future.

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