Comedians Juan Bago & 'O' Make You Want To Vote in Hilarious New Parody

PHOTO: Michael Diaz and Oscar Martinez of the comedy duo "Juan Bago and O" urge people to vote in a new parody.

A New York-based comedy duo is putting a fun twist on the idea of civic duty.

Michael Diaz and Oscar Martinez, better known as Juan Bago & "O", urge people to vote in a new video called "Vote Right!?"

Parodying Chief Keef's "I Don't Like," the Dominican-American pair rap about everything from healthcare to jobs as they portray candidates vying for the presidency in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.

"Unemployment figures. That's why you should vote, right?," they say. "Facebook or Twitter. That's why you should vote right? Don't let 'em make your choice. That's why you should vote, right? Want 'em to hear your voice. That's why you should vote, right?"

There's even a shootout to much-loved Vick's VapoRub, or Vivaporu, in the video. And it's not their first foray into the topic - Univision News interviewed the duo about their popular parody entitled "Vivaporu" earlier this year.

Diaz and Martinez said during an interview with New York's Daily News that they hope the video reaches the Latino community.

"The Latino vote is key [in this election]," Diaz told the paper. "We hope it sparks something and makes people aware of how important it is to vote."

Click here to see the full video.

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