Will Hispanics Be Undercounted in the Next Census?

Instead Prewitt suggests that a more accurate measurement in the next census would result from asking the following two questions: "What national origin, ethnicity, tribe, language group or ancestry do you consider yourself to be? (List all those important to you)" and "Where were you born, and where were your parents born?"

Prewitt argues that such open-ended questions would allow survey-takers to define themselves as they deem necessary. Their responses would also provide enough information for statisticians to breakdown the answers in the same categories we've been using for hundreds of years, if necessary.

"A statistical portrait of how different groups are faring remains necessary both to erase the inequities of historical racism and to prevent discrimination as the recently arrived strive to participate fully in their new country," Prewitt wrote in the Op-Ed.

"But only if we draw the portrait more carefully than that produced by the 2010 Census."

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