Mexican Michelangelo Replicates Sistine Chapel in his Hometown

For the past 12 years Miguel Macias has been replicating the Sistine Chapel in his Mexican hometown.
2:03 | 04/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mexican Michelangelo Replicates Sistine Chapel in his Hometown
-- -- Michelangelo started -- Sistine Chapel. -- -- imagine that 500 years later in the new world his crowning achievement would be recreated here a modest church. Mexico City. This is the Mexicans Sistine Chapel by we have another Michelangelo with a twist his name is Miguel -- -- He mistook him -- on -- coming -- -- -- Genius or crazy Don -- a retired graphic designer started his artistic adventure twelve years ago after a visit to the Sistine Chapel. There in the Vatican he was inspired to do the same at his hometown church he took took place and -- what do -- level -- that. -- to a unilateral. Green total sense -- the Sistine Chapel and his church have almost the same dimensions. He immediately asked his parish priest if he could paint the vaulted ceiling. -- -- -- -- not to put that -- unanimous -- unanimously in the NCA. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been neither easy nor fast for Don Miguel. Unlike Michelangelo. He's done everything by himself except for -- volunteer here -- there. -- in this audience and use them for them you know Vietnam or people -- money has been the constant issue. He's -- the whole project from his own pocket. And still leads to raise 3000 dollars to rent a crane to hang the fifty foot -- -- on the vaulted ceiling. This would allow him to finish the first half the project. Of the total of fourteen passages he's already completed seven like the number of times he's fallen from the scaffolding. Is familiar -- it. He annually -- Broken ribs no budget no help it doesn't matter. Just as long as he can achieve his dream of finishing the Mexican Sistine Chapel which is still five years away from completion. It's pretty -- opium and let. Me to Budapest with reporting from Maria -- -- -- Collins from Mexico City this is Jack Healy for Univision news.

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{"id":19078561,"title":"Mexican Michelangelo Replicates Sistine Chapel in his Hometown","duration":"2:03","description":"For the past 12 years Miguel Macias has been replicating the Sistine Chapel in his Mexican hometown.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/mexican-michelangelo-completes-decade-replicating-sistine-chapel-mexican-19078561","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}