A Chonga's First Red Carpet Event

Hialeah's very own Juleisy was our red carpet correspondent.
4:29 | 07/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Chonga's First Red Carpet Event
I we're live on the red carpet that might hurt him I'm so excited I'm already -- nailed -- -- that has gone to but we're here. And we're gonna be here on my I need to -- Finland's. My god no backing his tenure a parent. Janine. Who tackled him a golden -- I don't know that it. So we have this fusion exclusive what you -- gonna judge these are ratings on college raggedy stealing from one. Five. Five being. Ruled most giant -- and one being girl you need to learn how to beat now face. -- -- How it's -- -- here. Well at night I can I know you I have -- are you -- way. Nine. Notes he served -- That Latino beyond. -- appliance we're gonna give her -- -- She's good but not that -- right fusion. We could find -- -- Thing yeah yeah yeah. I'm gonna give prince Royce a six on his -- Because he is looking absolutely -- here at the -- it's moving do. All right well I don't really know you could rent seeking in her hand -- at night. -- -- -- -- And then -- ground floor. Your -- so this girl locking down I'm going to give -- three for entry. On the boat -- One of the most memorable out that the minutes of -- I like the hot seat it's -- it's this is aimed at moving. I Eddy -- boys here. Yeah yeah. C news plan that royal prince with the name all of them are oil a day. That I found young man I found a man got -- pilots Avi Adelman a money residents and athletic guys -- who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're here that I -- Things -- -- -- really humbled right now on trying to get an interview we'll wanting people to carry it announced their names. -- -- -- it's just bring you guys fusion baby that's -- -- -- And I get an -- -- -- -- -- -- Wednesday -- -- -- I'm with -- in which it up baby ABB and Univision together. I don't worry you'll. We believe that girl was that is very -- on them. Now. But he Kobe my next baby daddy aren't. It's on -- with getting back to it. The -- they're getting intense. Did it. Yeah yeah. My -- and an anti. Alias without it. -- -- -- -- Well and I'm going to I almost went into your -- maybe it's the right here and give her. Boy. -- like the fact that state is being -- he. Harry Potter. I'm Harry Potter game. They do not. What he had to say. I think this group here is called hair -- I don't know alliance but I just absolutely. That's -- the older -- is going. -- -- -- that stress. And because these tires but god and now. I've seen better make up west moon and they deal still allows -- dark -- and -- all my my -- aren't sold. We are here where live where Levy.

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{"id":19712594,"title":"A Chonga's First Red Carpet Event","duration":"4:29","description":"Hialeah's very own Juleisy was our red carpet correspondent.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/red-carpet-premios-juventud-19712594","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}