Outranked But Never Outclassed

Floyd Mayweather never wanted to be a botanist.
2:12 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Outranked But Never Outclassed
The and though he's written the -- and I'm here. Up boxing saying. Yeah. Yeah. Floyd money Mayweather -- a little kind of a lot about it he sure. You only get here right now there's a little you let me let you know. -- book let you know letting those what you that you pleasant but federal. When as a kid and seeing those -- -- -- this thing get the Guinness. Moammar registries -- so. You know of course having a win win on the number -- the -- to win happened when it for seventeen years. New England -- -- look at night in Canada and colonize there. Having. Is -- -- -- and has more to mingle a morning he's almost. And really need is coming I was looking at is coming out with. -- from -- boxers. My father was a fighter. He was number one in the -- at one particular time that. Look at things and biweekly has been a fighter now well -- -- to -- -- class much there was number one at 147 a world champion at 147. Minnesota schools housing and -- and listen. It will champion and junior middleweight so and then you're never -- Alan give -- became Camille -- wasn't finished. In my mind how many until they musical fusion does must be your first interview though don't usually goes -- project cut off. He -- give -- did not believe what nestled at the arena. -- -- -- When there was no -- no winner -- particular time. My uncle Jeff he was a -- also gives a top contender grandma uncle Roger Mayweather. -- They have been weathering and I don't make -- -- -- -- -- -- beat the crap but each other Saturday September 14. A lot -- what it. Up while the call. Although. The public. Audit by possible.

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{"id":19543988,"title":"Outranked But Never Outclassed","duration":"2:12","description":"Floyd Mayweather never wanted to be a botanist.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/satire-fusion-interviews-boxers-floyd-money-mayweather-saul-19543988","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}