Teenage Tech Whiz Launching Ninth App

At 16 Michael Sayman has already developed hundreds of apps and working on his ninth app.
3:11 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for Teenage Tech Whiz Launching Ninth App
My name's Michael fame -- -- sixteen envelop and then make up. In the story now there are seven with -- But out of those seven other occasions I have -- The press I mean it was called club penguin. It was -- the diet. Two big game this game that I love puck handling when I was little I was accepted bid by fifty heavier that's cool love this game I was thirteen when I submitted my -- actually. I want when he got to the number seven out of 300000. That's -- lot. Yeah. Well this new app that I'm gonna launch in the future if called Hello World. Hello World it's the -- they dress code that you letter -- the kind -- -- it's kind of like Twitter but specifically for developers. It's the most complicated up -- ever made. Yeah. I was on Twitter on faith you know talking to went to developers. And I was like why is his wife is probably you know -- you about -- -- talking about but they can't really into Iraq you know. So -- how about me. -- -- That's more development center and a five from -- something that really bothered me about. Many thoughts on -- way -- that they include all the advertise. -- effective application will not happen so until now the application almost how it planned for this -- to view of the Fisher. And I'm super excited for it. Faith here is a picture of me my mom and my dad. My mom is from true. And I -- from Bolivia and they you know they made a Peruvian restaurant here in Miami he -- that my mom not really good to have community. But I hope -- -- whether -- -- My hands were worried they like what is wrong in life and they would the other doing you know outside playing my -- -- outside with the name written around you know and I would just be right. May not have ever get. Did you and I'm just I'm just on the been viewed just. Update to I was I think it's like him needing extremely determined you know. To make an application and just continue and continue continue until it where. So many applications soared to 90% of them never gets -- loaded walk. One so many -- to get applications to be successful. It's a little bit -- but it also includes you know marketing for proper you know the proper meaning of an application Popper icon of the right. -- -- target your audience and handles things into the four years now. -- -- -- -- the thing that I've managed you know through Larry and -- that I think up to now been fifteen years -- Feel in the future -- benefit -- a lot if I continued. It's.

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{"id":19341512,"title":"Teenage Tech Whiz Launching Ninth App","duration":"3:11","description":"At 16 Michael Sayman has already developed hundreds of apps and working on his ninth app.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/teenage-tech-whiz-launching-ninth-app-19341512","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}