Belize Murder: Victim Had Confronted John McAfee Over Dogs


"Belize is, today, still a pirate haven and is run more or less along the lines established centuries ago by the likes of Captain Morgan, Blackbeard and Captain Barrow," wrote McAfee. "Plunder is the preferred means of wealth acquisition."

"I am not fond of these rules, however, and I openly oppose them," said McAfee.

McAfee promised that over the next few days, "I will tell my side of the sad story unfolding around me."

He also told Davis, "I am not well-liked by the prime minister."

Prime Minister Barrow denied having any personal animus toward McAfee, saying he had "never met the man." He also said that McAfee should turn himself in.

"I don't want to be unkind," said Barrow, "but he seems to be extremely paranoid -- I would go so far as to say bonkers."

McAfee is best known for developing anti-piracy software in the 1980s and helping to pioneer instant messaging in the 1990s. He sold his shares in the software company that bears his name in 1994 and pocketed $100 million. After losing all but $4 million of his fortune, he moved to Belize five years ago.

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