Naomi Campbell Partied With 'Blood Diamond' Actor After 'Blood Diamond' Testimony

After testifying Thursday that she had received a gift of alleged "blood diamonds" from men she believed to be representatives of an African dictator, Naomi Campbell flew to Italy to party with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who had starred in a film about illegal African gems called "Blood Diamond."

Campbell said on the stand that she believed the uncut "dirty" jewels had come from Charles Taylor, the Liberian warlord who is on trial for war crimes at The Hague. Campbell had previously denied to ABC News that she had gotten any gems from Taylor, and had slapped aside the camera of an ABC producer when stalking out of an interview.

The supermodel, who had referred to her appearance at the trial as "inconvenient," was next seen by paparazzi floating on a yacht off Sardinia with her billionaire Russian boyfriend, and partying with Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Bar Refaeli. In 2006, DiCaprio starred in a film called "Blood Diamond" that explored how uncut gems are illegally trafficked in Africa, and are used to buy the weapons that have fueled the continent's many bloody conflicts. Charles Taylor is on trial for allegedly using the diamonds to buy guns for Sierra Leonean rebels, who waged a long civil war that cost thousands of lives.

Naomi Campbell Parties Post-Court

Representatives of DiCaprio and Campbell did not return requests for comment.

While Campbell was vacationing in the Mediterranean, actress Mia Farrow and Campbell's former modeling agent Carole White were taking the stand to say that Campbell had lied on the stand. Farrow said that Campbell had always believed the gems she had received after a dinner at Nelson Mandela's house in 1997 had come from Taylor, and White claimed the model had flirted with Taylor, was fully aware he meant to give her a gift of diamonds, and was disappointed in the small, dirty gems she received.

Defense attorneys Tuesday hit back at White, saying that she was telling "a pack of lies."

Courtenay Griffiths, defense attorney for Taylor, accused White of lying because of an ongoing legal dispute with Campbell. "Your account is a complete pack of lies and you have made it up in order to assist in your lawsuit against Miss Campbell," charged Griffiths. "This for you is all about money."

On Monday, White told the court Campbell was seated next to Taylor at the dinner and was very excited about the expected gift, saying, "He's going to give me some diamonds." Tuesday she repeated the account, saying that Campbell had leaned back at the dinner table to tell her that Taylor was sending her diamonds. White said Taylor confirmed that the gift was coming by "nodding and laughing."

White became the second witness to take the stand Monday and dispute important elements of Campbell's testimony to the same body last Thursday.

Earlier Monday, Mia Farrow disputed the supermodel's claim under oath that she did not know where the gift of "blood diamonds" had come from.

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