Defending Breivik: European Politicians in Hot Water for Norway Comments

In the wake of the attack several fringe right-wing group's have distanced themselves from Breivik's horrific attack. In his manifesto, Breivik said he communicated closely with Britain's English Defence League, a group that characterizes itself as defenders against "a truly Global jihad." But the EDL said in a pair of statements after the attack it is a "peaceful and patriotic" organization and their group has never had any official contact with Breivik.

"No form of terrorism can ever be justified and the taking of innocent lives can never be justified," the EDL said.

Several posters on the white nationalist website Stormfront quickly blasted Breivik for the attack, calling him "scum" and the website administrators posted a warning to members that it would delete any postings from those "cheering this slaughter."

"We do not own this guy Anders [Breivik] and he did not act out of WN [white nationalist] motives," Stormfront's editor and chief of staff said. "Even in a state of war one does not do such things as mow down a bunch of kids, no matter Leftist kids or Rightist kids or [gay] kids or what have you. It is an atrocity."

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