2012 'May Day' Protests From Coast to Coast


"They looked like Ninja Turtles. It was such an offensive display of hardware it was frightening to kids," Thayer said, adding that 'the latest display by the Feds" will "give people a taste of what life is like in other countries on a regular basis -- troops in the streets for weeks at a time. It breeds real resentment. Chicagoans are p.o.'d that this is taking place in conjunction with the May Day march."

When asked if the nationwide protests, which are aiming to disrupt the work day and commuting, risk alienating workers who are not participating in the day's events, Dutro said he would sympathize with their frustration.

But, "by complaining, I would say you further help others that maintain the status quo, and what is clear is the status quo is not working," he said. "Yes, they have families and have to work and all these other things. But in the greater scheme of things, if we don't solve these problems now there will be less and less work to go to."

ABC News' Richard Esposito contributed to this report.

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