Who Does a Billionaire Marry?

She might have married a multibillionaire, but their love started in a garage.

Until recently, Google co-founder Sergey Brin was one of this country's youngest and richest bachelors. But earlier this month, in an extremely private and secretive ceremony, he tied the knot.

And where did this mogul of Silicon Valley find his bride?

At a black-tie fundraiser? While shopping for a new luxury sports car?

Nope, not even close.

Flashback to the days when Google was not a household name or even really a presence on the Web.

Back then, in 1998, when Brin and co-founder Larry Page decided to incorporate Google, they moved the company out of its Stanford University housing and found new office space in a garage in nearby Menlo Park, Calif.

For Brin, who is now worth an estimated $14 billion to $16.6 billion, that change of location also led to love.

The story, as it has been retold several times in the press, goes like this: The Google co-founders leased a garage at the home of Susan Wojcicki, who subsequently introduced Brin to her sister, Anne Wojcicki, his future bride. (Susan now works as a Google vice president.)

Earlier this month, the couple got married in the Bahamas.

And soon after, Google invested $3.9 million in Anne Wojcicki's startup company.

The San Jose Mercury News called the wedding "so hush-hush that word didn't leak out for more than a week."

Guests were brought to the Caribbean on a private Boeing 767 owned by Brin and Page, but they were not told their destination, according to the Mercury News.

The couple got married on a sandbar off a secluded island. Most guests took a boat to the sandbar, but the couple, both 33 years old, swam to the ceremony. She wore a white bathing suit. His was black.

Wojcicki is a graduate of Yale University, where she got a degree in biology. She spent 10 years working in health care investing, according to her company profile.

Her father, Stanley Wojcicki, is chairman of Stanford's physics department, and her mother, Esther, teaches journalism at an area high school.

In a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Google disclosed a $3.9 million investment in Wojcicki's company, 23andMe. Brin has personally loaned the company $2.6 million, which was repaid as part of Google's investment.

The disclosure was also the first official confirmation of the marriage.

The 23andMe Web site says the company will use DNA to bring "you personal insight into ancestry, genealogy and inherited traits."