Designing Babies? Embryos from 'Ph.D. Sperm' and 'Attractive Eggs' for Sale


"I don't think there's anything wrong with trying tot seek out a child that matches your appearance or your racial and ethnic composition," said Penn's Caplan. "Conversely, what if I come to you and say, 'We're both black but we know white people do better in society, so we'd like a white child?' It's not so much that we'd like a kid that looks like us that's the problem. It's when the parents start showing up saying, 'We want a kid that actually we probably never, between us, would have created, but that seems to be more attractive.'"

Ryan says she's just offering her clients the same kinds of choices any women having children naturally make already:

"When you chose your husband," she said, "I know you looked at him and thought, 'hmm…I wonder what our kids would look like.' Everybody does. And so what I'm doing is offering families the same choices that every other woman has had out there from the beginning of time."

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