Bodyguard Beauty Killed Defending Porsche

"It's organized business," he added. "People put in a request for a particular luxury model they have their eye on, and the gang steals the car. Recently in Moscow we had a theft report on a $200,000 Rolls Royce. Many of the orders now come from Central Asia — Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan. With modern car alarms and immobilizers, car thieves need to be more cunning and often more brutal as they can only steal the car by attacking the owner."

Loginova was in a confrontation with a would-be car thief just a few months ago and came away unharmed.

"I get out of the car, and just then a young man rushes up to me and grabs my hand to snatch the keys," she told Maxim. "I immediately used jujitsu on him. He ended up with a twisted arm and my elbow in his face. I took out my gun and aimed at him, but at that moment a car drove up and he jumped into it. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect that everything would work out so well."

Last Sunday she was less lucky. The Porsche Cayenne that she'd given her life for was dumped not far up the street from where it was carjacked.

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