Banker with Brain Tumor Dedicates Final Months to Help Average Investors


"There's a global capital market rate of return which is there for the taking. That's what we call investing as opposed to speculating," he said.

And finally, how often do you need to make adjustments?

"One of the most surprising aspects of the book is that we've had billionaires, hedge fund managers, sophisticated investors say, 'You know, I didn't know this or I didn't know that,'" Murray said, explaining that people will have to read the book to understand it all.

Author Gordon Murray: 'You Focus on What You Can Control'

What's so extraordinary is that Murray felt such a burning desire to share this financial knowledge when he knew he had such little time left.

"I'm not religious, but I just think it's like investing -- you focus on what you can control," Murray said. "And I can't control how fast this tumor is growing... All you've got is each minute."

We met Gordon the week before Christmas, and a month later, he's gone. He died at home last Saturday, having enjoyed every minute with family and friends.

But Murray met his deadline. His book, "The Investment Answer," will be published next week.

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