What Not to Buy on Black Friday

PHOTO: Macys opens its doors at 6pm for Black Friday on November 27, 2014 in New York. PlayAndrew Toth/Getty Images
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There are plenty of deals on Black Friday, but just because that toaster or television is billed as a "doorbuster," it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good purchase.

"Almost everything seems to be at its best price on Black Friday, but there are a few categories that have better deals in December and January," Benjamin Glaser, features editor with DealNews, told ABC News.

Here are some expert recommendations for items shoppers should avoid on Black Friday. (Like always, take any advice with a grain of salt, as these recommendations are based on historical data and anecdotal experience. And if you are in need of something immediately, sometimes it might be worth paying a little more to check it off your list.)

Off-Brand Electronics

That new television or tablet may seem like a steal, but have you even heard of the brand?

Howard Schaffer, vice president of merchandising at Offers.com, said he doesn't recommend buying from "no name brands, even at those ridiculously low prices."

"Stay away from the no brands and low price models. Look for name brands you're familiar with," he told ABC News. "Consumers who buy [those] later often write poor reviews."


Before you set your alarm to scoop up those cheap doorbusters, Schaffer recommends evaluating what you plan to do with it.

"It’s cheap for a reason," he said. "If it’s the main gift, we recommend spending the extra money and getting the name brand you are looking for because you are going to be disappointed with the doorbuster, lower-end product."

If you're in need of an extra toaster to help accommodate those holiday house guests, then maybe it will serve its purpose.

Buying Apple Products? Be Savvy About Where

Those big ticket Apple items are sure to be at the top of many holiday shopping lists, but it can pay to comparison shop. While Target isn't offering a discount on the Apple Watch, which starts at $349, the retailer is sweetening the purchase with a free $100 Target gift card.

The ever-popular iTunes gift cards are even offered at a discount at Best Buy, where the retailer's Black Friday circular is advertising a deal of buy one, get one 40 percent off.

Winter Apparel

If you're planning to gift a sweater or winter coat for the holidays, Schaffer recommends waiting for Cyber Monday to get the best deals.

"There will be better deals on Cyber Monday for sweaters, outerwear and fall apparel," he said. If you're shopping for yourself and can hold out one more month, Schaffer recommends waiting until after the holidays to snag even lower prices on outerwear for top retailers.

Glaser agreed, telling ABC News: "This is not the best weekend for heavy winter apparel because that stuff will go on clearance later in the season."

Holiday Decorations

Do you really need a new set of lights this year or can you use last year's again? While retailers may be touting big deals on holiday decor, the best time to buy is immediately after the holidays. It will be another year before you can use the decorations, but the deep discounts can make it worthwhile to wait.