Where to Find the Cheapest Gas in the Country

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WATCH What Cheapest Gas In the Country Has Over Donuts

The cheapest gas in the country costs less than a bottle of soda or cup of coffee.

A gas station in Tomball, Texas -- Stripes -- is selling a gallon of regular unleaded gas for $1.42 this morning. The price is 62 cents below the national average of $2.14 a gallon, which is among the country’s lowest levels for gas prices in five years.

Stations in 45 states are selling gas for under $2 a gallon, according to Gasbuddy.com. No stations in these five states, as of this morning, where selling gas for less than $2 a gallon: Hawaii, Alaska, California, Vermont and Pennsylvania.

Gas prices have dropped significantly since June, when the national average for a gallon of gas was $3.64.

On average, you can now fill up your tank for $36.38. Back in June, that same amount of money would have bought you a little over half a tank, enough to go about 233 miles, according to the Energy Information Administration.

U.S. oil production and European economic concerns have contributed to the dip in gas prices.