Huguette Clark, NYC Heiress, Leaves $34 Million to Nurse


Homeless Cousin Inherits Estate

Tamang's former employer of 36 years also remembered him with an $8.5 million Russian art collection. Ford ignored her two grandchildren and daughter Shelley Scott, who later challenged the will and got a small settlement.

Tamang, 58, planned to keep living in his modest Queens apartment, despite the inheritance. "I am satisfied living where I am," he told the Wall Street Journal.

Another, Max Melitzer of Sandy, Utah, had been homeless for decades before his cousin, Morris Melitzer of Schenectady, N.Y., died of prostate cancer in 2010.

The cousins had been estranged for 30 years. Lawyers set out to find Melitzer, to let him know he had inherited $100,000. A private detective eventually found him living out of a shopping cart.

Later, it was revealed that Max Melitzer had been the driver in a car accident that took the life of his wife and two friends in Wyoming in 1990. The tragedy left the man with emotional issues.

Despite that, Melitzer had been charitable with a local non-profit, trying to donate bread. The newfound money allowed Melitzer to return to New York and reunite with family.

Such good fortune may be the case with Huguette Clark's nurse Peri, who has, so far, shown a philanthropic spirit.

The nurse said she was "profoundly sad" about Clark's death and was "awed" by her boss's generosity, pledging to use her inheritance for good.

"Just as Madame Clark demonstrated kindness toward others in her actions," she told the New York Post, "so, too, will I and my family devote a substantial portion of this bequest toward making the world a better place for all people."

Psychologist Danish concluded that those like Tamang, nurse Peri and even Melitzer, may prove to be different from ill-fated lottery winners.

"They are people who have served another person and have been seemingly more willing to help than to take," he said. "If they are giving back before they get the money, it will likely continue. It can be very positive."

"So they really are continuing to serve," he said. "But with a lot more resources."

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