Pretty Girls, Risky Business: A Peek at Modeling's Dark Side

'You Shake Your Ass and You Take Shots'

Then the models are ushered into nightclubs. Dorsey, who is 19, confirmed the legal age requirement did not apply. "Oh yeah, when they check our cards, I hand [the bouncer] a credit card. He'll be like, 'Thanks.'"

Dorsey described her experience of what happens once they're inside: "You go out and you get drunk, but compared to other things … I don't know what people do, but it wasn't that crazy of an experience. You stand around a table and you shake your ass and you take shots," she said.

Given the power dynamics and the raw ingredients of glamour, alcohol, and drugs, sex inevitably creeps into many model-promoter relationships.

"Most of it is friendship," said Isaiah. "Then there is the other half where you can use your imagination," his math as slippery as the morals of his profession. Asked to confirm if the bedroom was part of his business, he replied, "The bedroom? Yeah, a big part."

Isaiah rejects the criticism that he is using the girls by saying they are using him as well. He and his crew said they were "100 percent" comfortable that they were doing the right thing by the girls.

As Hayley Wheeler's mom, Gabriella, prepares to leave her daughter alone, promoters are one of her main concerns.

"She has been approached. She's cordial, friendly with everybody … but Hayley knows why she's here. Why are you here?" she asked Hayley.

"I'm here to work, not to party," Hayley replied.

"Remember: buddy system, you and Hayley," her father tells two of her model roommates. "You all take care of each other and that will be doing the best favor you can do."

Before leaving, Hayley's father gives her self-defense spray, which he tucks under her teddy bear.

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