'Spectacular' Woman Seeks Rich Husband on Craigslist

"Women are attracted to ambition, and that translates into security with high earning power," said Bassil. "Men value looks and beauty and equate the relationship with how good-looking their women are."

Some who read the Craigslist exchange wonder if that forum was too lowbrow for a rich man and question the authenticity of the husband hunter's request.

On New York's site alone, Craigslist boasts more than 500 million page views and 2.5 million classified ads per month.

"This posting was made on rants and raves, not w4m [women for men]," said Susan MacTavish Best, a spokeswoman for Craigslist. "So, you know, to some extent, I'd guess the person was quasi thinking out loud and expecting feedback, not posting an outright ad. But who knows."

Attempts to reach the poster of the ad through a Craigslist e-mail went unanswered, so there's no way to tell how many responses were received.

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