Who's Better: Male or Female Managers?

male vs. female managers

In a 2008 Pew Research Center survey, Americans said that when it comes to most leadership traits, women rated as well as if not better than men. Yet many workers admit that they prefer to work for one gender over another. Some say men are less dramatic in the workplace and more direct. Others say women make better mentors and offer more useful feedback. Still others say gender has nothing to do with it -- that it's all about the person in the manager's chair.

ABCNews.com wants to know what you think. Have you found managers of one gender to be easier or more difficult to work for than the other? Why?

And if you're a past or present manager, we'd love to know what you think managers of each gender can learn from the other. Tell us your stories below. An excerpt from your message may be used in an upcoming news piece, or ABCNews.com may contact you for more information.


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