Super Bowl? Some Advertisers Say So What


So, is this a trend? Will more advertisers in future years opt out of the Super Bowl in greater numbers in favor of ways to reach audiences in more intimate and lasting ways? Probably not.

There's an old joke about a man who promises not to utter a word so he and his wife can get a free airplane ride at a county fair. Saving the $10 was such a priority that he stayed mum after his wife fell out of the plane as it performed a maneuver. After landing, the irate pilot asked why the old man didn't speak up? He replied, "Ten dollars is ten dollars." 200 million eyeballs is 200 million eyeballs. Even though I suspect in future years marketing plans will expand and traditional media dollars will be increasingly shared with online and mobile media, the Super Bowl need not worry about advertisers.

Larry Woodard is a director on the Advertising Week board and chairman of the American Association of Advertising Agencies' New York Council.

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