An App Reveals "Whispers" Inside Your Head

Secret sharing app allows users to post whatever is in your head without anyone knowing it's you.
7:12 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for An App Reveals "Whispers" Inside Your Head
But first are you ever attempted to -- a secret on social media but -- you think twice because. Well you're afraid that people will know that -- to you well our first guest today has created an app called whisper. And it lets you post -- Evers in your head. Without anyone knowing that -- -- it's one of the -- that the tech world is buzzing about and some of the things that are posted. Are just plain bizarre like this one. That awkward moment when your friend's baby is ugly. Yes somebody posted that -- whisper. Well what a welcome Michael -- he's the CEO and founder of whisper and he's in town this week for the big techcrunch disrupt coverage -- so nice to have you with us -- well thank you for having. So that was that your post about the baby and wasn't my -- think it. A little bit young right now still to have. You know friends residents -- -- -- sex nearly 26. And then you -- dating myself you're just a baby but you created this app. And it will. -- how how did you come up with the idea for. Yes and my co-founder Brad and I came up with this concept and really just I'm really sick of all the look at me. -- ego vanity type content that we see on you know pence to -- and FaceBook. Penalties identity based social networks and I remember as as a kid middle school you know they're fighting get invited to a party or something -- -- really upset about it. I did not entitled a lot of parties that make I don't I very sad don't believe that can't imagine today this very you're not only you don't get invited to a party we're actually seeing photos of the party on -- -- like 24 hours today. -- like permanent -- all day long you know what's going on what am -- missing out on. And I think you know -- is really a reaction to you all of this all this time. Over abundance of ego that we -- But what I don't understand. Exactly what you're saying there because you're posting. What you think so you want people to know what you think you just don't want you got to know that it's coming from Yale wolf the. And -- really actually not about concealing identity right it's just about having a place where there there is no identity I think identity can sometimes create friction. -- so you know we have people come on in with soldiers in Afghanistan -- say things like this is my fifth tour. In Afghanistan and I actually much prefer being here. You know its home that I can't take. Or university students who say things like. I'm you know 21 year old in college and I'm still a virgin I feel like I'm the only one and in reality they're not the only one. It just that's kind of what they believe because they don't see that other stuff but they -- reference promotion know that that hey you're not the only 21 year old virgin. The -- point out about this sort of overall obsession we have with -- -- and constantly sharing what it is about us. Why does the world have to know for example. Some of these things that you just mentioned why is it a value. What I think this idea I think Smartphones are incredibly powerful and this idea of let me pick up my phone and connect anywhere anyone about anything if you can tap into the. You know emotional intelligence and the whole planet like why wouldn't you you don't -- well. And that that's exactly what it's about right so there's this excess inventory of loneliness and world. Where you know we've really never need to -- on why should anyone ever ever ever feel alone. -- like we give him again young people come on here and say things like. Really sad things like you know I wish I was -- my parents -- love me greatly nobody in the whole world should. Ever ever feel that way and the fact that we have these amazingly powerful devices in our pocket that were carrying around with us that connect this to the entire planet. You know we should really be using them for getting to make the world. Less lonely but nobody's ever -- -- period. And -- how about slander for example because if if there are no identity is attached to things people say people could come in. And say something about another person that is -- true. Absolutely so from the very beginning like we were all -- set on making whisper a safe place like there is no safer place on the Internet then once there -- So we simply we don't -- to use anonymity to -- other people. We only allow you to use it to protect yourself so you can't go on there and even use a proper name. We simply don't want to post -- -- over a 130 full time moderator is. That review hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pieces of -- right in the doing this massive massive scale we did over you know three and a half billion page views. In the -- last month. You know we've -- transacted. Over ten billion private messages. On the system. And so we're doing really well keeping this an amazingly safe place what do you Q if somebody talks about suicide -- -- Yeah so I think if that's not happening on the -- form then you're not at a scale that. Is of any interest and frankly you and I wouldn't you want people talking about it's not that we want people talking about it it's that unfortunately that's the reality of the World -- And so instead of brushing this stuff under the rug. From that you know very beginning you know my -- -- and I actually created a nonprofit organizations called your voice. And the whole idea around your -- is saying that tape whoever you are it's totally attack. You know. -- but if somebody if somebody says I'm going to commit suicide now on whisper. What do you do you. It happens every single day. And what we do -- is the the poster actually gets redirected to the national suicide hotline. And then also sent to our nonprofit where they can get resources and you know. Talk to a counselor talked to a professional but. Actually a lot of people get help just from talking other. Like minded individuals on -- from not a day goes by that we don't see post some -- -- -- someone says. You know somebody and that almost -- -- life. Like every. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's very cool how do you protect people's identities yet so the best we'll pay that we protect people's identities but simply not collecting any personal information. Sorry we donate money unless. That's the five million dollar question right -- again I think you know we're really. Pleading anonymity is going to be really really really big deal and were really well positioned to on anonymity. So like any business on the Internet. -- focus on you know getting to that -- -- next major major milestone and. It's very interesting in -- world I mean you mentioned to be in mr. Graham FaceBook Twitter world where everybody is out there they are on display. And there is this desire for more privacy how. How are you perceive do you feel like -- sort of gridlock with the other founders who have created apps and and ideas that are much more vocal and me centric. Now you know again I think. Being a founders really hard and I think you know it's hard enough -- without having and other you know people. Criticizing what you're doing other founders I think for the most part it's you know. Really supportive and people are generally very supportive. Well like we really enjoyed having you the apps called whisper and yet for anybody who's going to techcrunch disrupt he will be speaking there tomorrow yeah thanks for having. Good luck with everything my thanks.

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{"id":23607110,"title":"An App Reveals \"Whispers\" Inside Your Head ","duration":"7:12","description":"Secret sharing app allows users to post whatever is in your head without anyone knowing it's you.","url":"/Business/video/app-reveals-whispers-inside-head-23607110","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}