How Burgers Made Heiress a Billionaire

30-year-old Lynsi Torres is owner of In-N-Out Burger chain and worth $1.1 billion.
0:42 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for How Burgers Made Heiress a Billionaire
Being a billionaire. -- thirty years old. An owner of a wildly popular hamburger chain -- guard has blown the cover off of a thirty year old -- -- -- heiress to a notoriously secret. Billion dollar brand in and -- the chain with a cult following across western state and Texas. It was started by her grandparents but due to unfortunate -- -- -- tourist had to take over when she's just 1019. That made her the nation's youngest female billionaire. -- the youngest billionaire period seventeen hit a man and a hamburger fortune must. Young moved well in life that has a moral life and hamburgers and a billion dollars in the bank called the --

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{"id":18408801,"title":"How Burgers Made Heiress a Billionaire","duration":"0:42","description":"30-year-old Lynsi Torres is owner of In-N-Out Burger chain and worth $1.1 billion.","url":"/Business/video/burgers-made-lynsi-torres-billionaire-18408801","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}