DOD Couple Wins $217 Million Virginia Lottery

Dave Honeywell bought the winning ticket at Richmond International Airport before a business trip.
1:40 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for DOD Couple Wins $217 Million Virginia Lottery
And it is buying -- -- life. In the industry news Virginia's newest multi millionaire. David and the NC. And it's part of -- offended me right. Okay. 31 purchase will be hard for me money Dodge Neon thirteen years old. We. We work of this so we have to live in Fredericksburg -- RVs or her location -- employment or whatever. Was moved to -- me which is -- by Baltimore so. We have an 81 mile one -- trip. Every day of the week right there so. The first thing all of these thirteen years old to Dodge Neon and heads were finally got to retire that the 170000 miles -- something. But definitely gonna hear different -- But -- your plans. I'm going to be tired but I told my supervisor that I -- in the big. Two weeks of hard just to finalize some of my projects -- and then so. It's nice to be -- -- retire. I know -- He'll eventually be leaving midnight. I believe that a project so that I want to make sure the projects -- -- on the Albion probably about another month to month and a half leaving and then. There -- Looking forward to it. Over fears that it we were so worried sequestration. And the furloughs and all that was you're going to be part so Muller fears are definitely gone now that we feel much better.

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{"id":18506602,"title":"DOD Couple Wins $217 Million Virginia Lottery","duration":"1:40","description":"Dave Honeywell bought the winning ticket at Richmond International Airport before a business trip.","url":"/Business/video/department-defense-couple-wins-217-million-virginia-lottery-18506602","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}