Ford Rolls Out New 2015 Mustang

Rebecca Jarvis talks with Alan Mulally on Ford's innovative technology, and what car he drives.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for Ford Rolls Out New 2015 Mustang
From clothes to cars I had a chance to catch up with the CEO of Ford the other day. And we talked about that new mustang the -- Nissan rolled out on Good Morning America well he's driving. And there's a whole lot more take a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thirty years ago in New York City. We introduce the Christmas thing and it changed the automobile industry as the first time. The people can actually afford to buy a sports car they had great until it -- your favorite feature. Well there's a few things I really love about it one. Is the sleek styling it's just absolutely elegant. The second is innovate technology and the cockpit is inspired by deviation from the 51 mustang as most of us thing. You must of had a role in that coming for well I do have a bit of an aviation background. Everyone now is talking about electric cars and it's under. In our lifetime are we gonna see an electric must I could imagine that because we want to give you the power of choice. The power of choice. You're gonna have some choices in front -- you coming -- hearing your own life and there have been some conversations that Microsoft's. Could be an option when he's at that you think you're -- -- be running Microsoft some thank I loved serving. Forward so all is that it down by low certainly -- I have knows taste of a plan. Our LT that is your answer for now but I'm sure we'll be talking about it again in the future what's your view on we're in the mind of the American consumer's right now. Well I think it's it's a pretty good place because. The economy has continued to expand. In the automobile industry is expanding with that to your point we're probably get an in depth around sixteen million units this year in the United States. -- anything about the United States is the average age of vehicles nearly eleven years old. Why do you think it is that Americans are so excited about. Upgrading the Smartphones and upgrading the tablets in the TVs but it's -- eleven years on average for us to upgrade our cars. Well I think we have been through. An unbelievable financial crisis. -- is very understandable that people would pull back next to their home our cars. Most significant purchase that they may think the most important thing is that we all keep this weak economy. Growing and expand do you think you'll be hiring next year. Yes we are we we think we'll be hired nearly 151000 people -- over the next couple years. So you are bullish on in terms of the jobs recovery here and and foreign playing a Roland Williams -- -- -- Part is Alan Mulally track weeks. Alan Mulally drives a different car every night. It's a combination of Ford vehicles but also our competitors so we benchmark all of our vehicles against the best in the world and so so fun to personally checked them out. RA -- thanks so much for joining us. A different car every night that must be fun.

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{"id":21178845,"title":"Ford Rolls Out New 2015 Mustang","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Jarvis talks with Alan Mulally on Ford's innovative technology, and what car he drives.","url":"/Business/video/ford-rolls-2015-mustang-21178845","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}