Ivanka Trump profiting from White House role?

"The View" co-hosts weigh whether the president's daughter is unjustly mixing politics with business.
3:56 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Ivanka Trump profiting from White House role?
Why has yet but. China is defending Yvonne de trop. Four what winning full monopoly rights to sell her brand in China on the banning same day. At that time is president and his wife bag dinner at Walt blog article incidents. What Streisand and the Chinese Foreign Ministry class everything was handled properly but at. Does not sound like a conflict of interest to anybody or. You know I I. Felt very strongly about this from the very beginning all know this and it's because. You bunker trump is always cassis does voice of reason within the administration and as moderating influence on her father. When now we really. Need to understand that she suffers from the very same conflict of interest that her father suffers for athletic. Every single. Be a place of treason and moderate and still have problems I don't think it takes away and I think it's and the let meets. Try to explain it but that the reason that it at that it does is because when you are public servant when you are servant of the people. You must put their interest first to it is very difficult to be a public servant to the people of the United States and advise the president of the United States. When you have. Your personal financial interest that so. Interest I'm not saying anything that is okay because the day Kellyanne Conway gave the free commercial. And baucus. And merchandise trying to please call list actually jumped 101700%. It's a problem I'm just saying it it's not black and white it's not she's she shouldn't be here for conflict of interest but it doesn't mean she's not a moderate voice of reason lump in India us thank. As they you know we're rob 150000. Dollars in actually nineteen million dollar averages three quarters of a billion Justin. FYI I was asked almost one million plus one he'd been right so why I was a million you have that much money why not take the next few years off from making money what is this about this money might. And while everybody is so surprised you know. He god. His stuff from China. Today is actor yes he was and the red train hits trademarks camps and so the reason nobody is questioning is that is because. Delaying it. They're doing it via the name trump I mean look there's a hotel applause street. From the dam traps. And amp M. And four understand that so. This amp. And isn't that what do you monuments clauses and bats doing business with foreign government supposed to do it I remember. You know. He reads a stay angry and just nuts over this issue but he was you can sell. He bought his attorney Jamie garlic has said Ibaka will not weighing in on business strategy marketing issues or the commercial terms of agreement she has retained a party to direct the trustees'. To terminate agreements that she determines create. A conflict of interest just she take him but I don't need saving let it agree with you I don't agree with on the conflicts of interest but I do think there are people to get your point I do think there are people who feel that on issues of LG BT writes on issues of maternity leave that they're glad she's in the room they still have a problem with this but they're speaking from a policy perspective and stayed out of behind I don't rigs and my.

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{"id":46889080,"title":"Ivanka Trump profiting from White House role?","duration":"3:56","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh whether the president's daughter is unjustly mixing politics with business.","url":"/Business/video/ivanka-trump-profiting-white-house-role-46889080","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}