Men's Wearhouse Defends Firing Founder

Company says conflicts over power, pay led to George Zimmer's termination.
0:31 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Men's Wearhouse Defends Firing Founder
The importance of men's apparel company says it stands behind the decision to fire boss and pitchman George Zimmer -- who founded the company back in 1973 was ousted by his own routine for what they called differences in opinion about the men's -- makers direction it. An unusually -- and forward letter to the board disclosed that didn't want to veto authority over all decisions and would not cooperate with other high -- managers. -- has since resigned his position on the board and we can assume his place as the star in those very memorable commercials.

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{"id":19487025,"title":"Men's Wearhouse Defends Firing Founder","duration":"0:31","description":"Company says conflicts over power, pay led to George Zimmer's termination.","url":"/Business/video/mens-wearhouse-defends-firing-founder-19487025","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}