Ron Burgundy Mania to the Best Holiday Deals on Cars

Rebecca Jarvis highlights hottest topics of the week on Real Biz 12.04.2013
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Ron Burgundy Mania to the Best Holiday Deals on Cars
Hello and welcome to real because I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City. We got ourselves a table and chairs were very happy here's what's happening right now there's a lot to get to -- today. First of all jobs. In a moment will be talking about the better than expected jobs report plus Ron Burgundy mania -- is pretty happy that they've hitch their wagons to will Farrell. And anchorman -- and were also going to be talking cars with the folks from Edmonds Black Friday actually giving auto sales a big boost. And that -- all the hot cars for the next year -- minutes away. But first we want to start with that -- report 2151000. New jobs better than the estimate of 170000. And who better to ask an Adam Lewis he is founder and CEO of a start up a ploy a new mobile recruiting at. That's changing the way that people are applying for jobs great to have you with us Adam thanks about it so what I saw in this report I really liked was the fact that there's construction and manufacturing jobs being added as those of the jobs that pay better. They're not just the retail -- what did you think. I think it's really exciting I mean if Stephanie the best growth -- the whole year -- seen a very good average 186000. Jobs a month. As you say hi this is now widening difference different industries -- -- retail hospitality -- month the month which is great. Now to get different industries increases jobs and don't -- is very very encouraging and very exciting. We want jobs we want the good paying the solid jobs that you can make above minimum wage and that's what's gonna really drive the economy forward if it's gonna move. Where are you seeing the growth in your -- -- -- we've seen huge huge growth in retail hospitality leisure that really. This huge huge volume -- -- over is really really ought to mean a link to state his four point four million Americans -- month. -- quitting their jobs -- fifty million a year. Does that mean they're starting a new place do they feel like they've got another opportunity. That decadent and -- in jobs very short amount of times three months four months and moving on. So what we're trying to deploys actually trying to match the right people to write -- and believe always. -- I think the right places for that so weak in not deploy it within our ecosystem we have let's training advice. To help this -- -- realize what's the best job for them. And that we provide a device to help him -- and get that job and and succeeded Agile once again. Considering how many job losses there were during the Great Recession it's crazy to think four point four million people are actually quitting right now in this economy that they feel. That's an acceptable -- -- I think that people want to see a roots to a grid so when eager to a job and that that you may be you know on the day. Type of environment what it is working for a couple of months they don't see that the Paul too -- the future and how they develop their skills hobbies -- of the -- in those roles. Well I think the company's away what we want to kind of focus on. Is it yet -- might be an entry level job but what is the training that I give us this -- -- help them progress three decorated. But that's not even be the -- investment when you think about it -- -- -- is literally going somewhere else. And it feels like everyone's living in limbo the companies are living in -- they're not even hiring full time a lot they're just hiring temporary employees. And then the people themselves are also living -- -- What is staggering is that there's tens and tens of millions of Americans that -- have access to a computer audience. And that means they don't have access to the -- rights they've. -- -- -- -- Most people are now browsing that brought against on the Obama -- ST certain demographic just like -- shot like Friday and cyber -- -- that of people on the on the about. But he don't they they don't see job opportunities on -- -- -- so what does that mean it means that they don't have access to apply today's jobs and as a lot of Americans. The -- -- device was it was sixty million Americans that didn't even have Internet access. So what we're doing as well he's medical -- companies and organizations. -- kiosks job kiosks. To put them into community centers shelters in places -- people don't have that access. And then we widen -- this is that might be amazing people for adult by the kind of might be fantastic. Please call and apply at the. -- them so how are you changing outside of what you just described what else are you changing about the way we apply for jobs. It's really -- centric -- its widening the access and it's also. Adding and an element of -- independents who really -- really should let us now Nazis to throw application. Companies can see a lot more than a catalyst -- application. This video of his orders -- you can listen to a disgruntled customer and it -- back to videos -- kind of explain how they would deal without costing -- -- the company -- you know more. But it's almost rather than having to get your manager on the line are fighting somebody else it's all literally happening real time what -- -- that would cut down from -- consumer experience our wait time. When we have to deal with something that's frustrating at a company. Definitely a night oversee social media people kind of saying it will different types of things the people who representing the browns need to be there right types of people. And I think that's by allowing them to show that has -- Nazis and truth themselves -- -- companies until much more confident in making hiring decisions much Boston. It does still little 1984 though that it -- and the idea that. There's constant surveillance and it has some upside but it also has some -- Yeah I think ticket I think that's you know candidates. Need to be able to stay focused on. That job and progress -- -- I didn't think people should be jumping between one rolled to another up. But I think companies also on the flip side of that needs provides a long time career opportunities for these candidates do. Adam Lewis a -- thank you so much for joining us very much interest in -- say thank you. Cars -- -- making a comeback have you noticed Michelle Krebs a senior analyst from Edmunds dot com and she's here to explain. Which three deals are truly the best and it's so nice to see you via Skype good morning. That morning so what are your top three picks for this holiday season. Well I. But I can't feel -- -- inside an understatement I know an uneasy. Over your. Other -- teen Chevrolet Malibu when he there aren't I'll -- and the other hand. I'm an elbow for example the outlook is out and walk away -- get under our plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- operating you're an informant. I'm crying and I'll really like our. You mentioned if you can find these these are brake -- so what would you recommend people do when they're looking for cars as opposed to going every single dealership in saying -- you have this is there a faster way. -- -- -- -- -- I'm behind in your. Oh I'm -- by -- infant or it and -- it. I. And I think you look. You -- But you're on a -- -- looking or ugly price. And model are about one -- -- and yet. November was the best month for car sales since the Great Recession. -- is the best month generally speaking of the year to get the best deals on cars. Well didn't Kimberly August September I thought -- Auto makers are clearing -- -- of -- vehicles the model. Aunt but I didn't even. Like my. -- independent but there are. I don't eat leftover vehicle on the lot got to play around a linebacker -- and that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- What what -- -- -- because it's bad in the news a lot Elon Musk has had to. Deal with -- of fires and seeing three different fires on YouTube the videos have gone viral. And he's now saying we we don't need to change anything but we're gonna keep looking at these cars and making sure that we make them better than ever. They are making a change it but I. RE IR. -- about well there's I. I'm and I I'm. Look at the Ada and the buck went approach are that are ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't remember all really are working hand. And you. -- been working properly be. -- -- Do you think that the electric car is ever gonna get mainstream and if it does is it going to be because that Elon Musk has talked about -- but coming out with a less expensive model -- 30000 dollar model. If it becomes mainstream is Tesla gonna produce the mainstream version of it or is it going to be more of a Ford. Or -- General Motors or Toyota version that is around the same price point. Larry -- opening bring everybody and electric art and technology. -- look at the -- are only electric are -- are all court all the vehicle. There are a lot of will be. Yet there. Are a long way from -- electric -- you ain't seen or read -- ER. And -- -- that there are. Right -- -- -- -- -- -- Arm and a lot of our eat you never. Know art than a hundred. Final. And -- the anxiety people -- not eating well -- -- Exactly it's all about the infrastructure or shell crabs thanks so much for joining us happy holidays. -- And we have some more revelations for you dear in rural valley is back with us Darien. We love you so much in week one of -- is we brought you back for week -- Take a look at this -- first. -- -- I am playing my. Erin well explain this to me I don't get -- -- -- That's my viral video of the week. Top ten to tonics. Yes little drummer boy yes and it's gone viral and it's gone viral over nine million hits what is it about the video well that this thing is -- around this time holiday songs go to YouTube. And there's a key group that comes out and it. Op -- -- has been a couple of years ago straight no chaser group from Indiana not the pilot groups I want. Think it. Have you remain in Rockefeller Christmas on -- no luckily if you search who block appellate there -- nothing show I was shocked when you wanna grow your -- -- -- that you have not yet that would your pocket -- Chris that is why it's not out I think anyway so so so the depended tonics they have their new PTX Christmas album that's coming out. And that's kind of the the break out you know -- roll off the -- holiday song. Back to Ron Burton yes Ron Burgundy I want people to take a look at the at. It that there is an aunt right yet there it is -- there -- okay. It was kind of a big deal. Right so that's the special blended Scotch whiskey from a company called -- -- import speed is real. It's called great blue jeans -- it would he's -- it it is -- what -- music expression lyrics every time so that it percent of -- -- -- -- by the it's 40%. Alcohol by volume. I just it should be sixty. But -- is that legal dispute with I don't know ask the guys that what's the four -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dodge Durango -- -- I think they're sales went up 35%. After the Ron Burgundy at yet and there's no AutoNation says there's no other. Explanations of it which is incredible it is anger on the glove compartment I think that they have that and then he's -- in this unprecedented. Blitz in terms of actually doing -- newscast right. Dakota do -- -- not doing curling in Canada and tomorrow 6 PM sports center he's going to be anchoring. He's -- drinks sports matters tomorrow night's. Wow -- in the I want. If this new model for how movies work because we see it you know in some of these big franchise films. The Hunger Games the Disney movies and you see that where they roll it out and it is a part of every -- -- licensing. I think is probably more along the lines of something like you know this type of film but it. This is definitely precedent setting. -- you know something totally different to have all this free licensing that provide real business -- that provides you know. Because if you look at the ads. -- each one says anchorman becoming like as part of the deal they have to say and promote the film which is which is interest. But it also sounds like a really Smart move for example for this liquor company whose name I just heard of the first time because of this look them up I did not know a single one of their -- So good business for them as well. What is not about the thirty million dollar stadium tell me about film. Rob reports came out with their 21. Gifts. BC's -- reports so yeah it's it's going to be -- And they said that populists. The company that builds real stadiums would build you a stadium you have to provide the land. That happens to be thirty million dollars -- -- your backyard. The -- be about a hundred seats they need about a year to build it. And they could do with. You give this to your kid they are guaranteed to just turn out. Horror horror terrible it yet not not good bet you don't give fans -- -- and and it I don't know I'm not really sure who's going to end up doing this you have any sense for who might actually do something like that maybe Richard Branson I don't know -- I don't know -- yes based on that on on Decker island to do that maybe you know cut down trees you that's an Ellsbury news yes we have. Jacoby Ellsbury. The. Right -- 153. Million dollars for seven years yet for a guy that. What he needs he's averaged a 114. Games over the past six years with the Red Sox so. You know you need -- -- be healthy that's probably no -- they need more like 140 games. Not -- -- -- -- can provide power but you know and speed. But here's the interesting business angle. Robinson could know who the Yankees are presumably going after but what the C based on this but don't -- -- pay his price. He was originally represented by Scott -- -- the super agent. Now Jay-Z for his first client or wrong ancient sports stole Robinson Cano and now he's representing him with CAA. Well guess who. Is decline -- all take follow up Jacoby Ellsbury. Scott Boras represented to cope Jacoby Ellsbury. And now he might have knocked Robinson Cano off the Yankees by virtue and -- Crazy conflict of interest to make. I want to make sure we get your surprise what is your surprise Daryn so last week I had told you as a side -- on the way out that I asked beating up on some coming to America currents wow what. And how much did you pay for that Daryn. It wasn't a Latin up well this -- -- -- this is about forty box. -- here. What you can you can see a team through the window so you know it's authentic it out and here's as the moon -- according. Which help -- -- -- when he very barriers and that is what whatever is the official mineral. Or iron the -- -- -- exactly of the -- to whatever the element is I'm sure that's what does this mean. Great conversation. If you're ever interested in seeing a basement filled with random things -- deer rebels house order. There -- -- -- -- yeah okay appreciate it thanks promised up. And not hate you for joining us on real -- until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis we're -- New York have a great day.

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