When Sears Was a Success

A series of news reports from the 1980s detailing the retailer's better days.
1:02 | 08/22/14

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Transcript for When Sears Was a Success
Fears the nation's largest retailer has 26 million credit customers. We'll see as the nation's biggest retailer and Caldwell banker the country's biggest independent real estate broker. Have agreed in principle to hurt. Sears is offering a 142 million dollars for the firm. The country's top retailers Sears Kmart and JC panic all reported higher sales in January. The nation's biggest retail -- racked up healthy sales gains last month compared with November 1982 Sears Roebuck was off eleven point 4%. -- -- This week only men's polyester will blend sports -- -- those tweets in new plants just 4999625. Dollars. It was a very Merry Christmas for the nation's retailers the largest in the country Sears had the biggest month in its 102 year history. Sales in December alone -- four point six million dollars.

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{"id":25088966,"title":"When Sears Was a Success","duration":"1:02","description":"A series of news reports from the 1980s detailing the retailer's better days.","url":"/Business/video/sears-success-25088966","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}