The Top 50 Albums of 2007

More than 20 years after they debuted, the Brooklyn-based duo gives us "The Else," one of their most twisted and enjoyable records in a long time. After a few albums aimed at children, it is nice to hear something as insanely twisted as "The Cap'm," or to know that they can still craft something as poignantly angst-driven as "Climbing The Walls." As a great bonus, when "The Else" came out, it was packaged with a second disc dubbed, "Cast Your Pod To The Wind," a collection of songs from their podcasts. Actually, out of the two discs, the bonus is the better one because it recalls the simple structures and random inspiration of their early work. As a double album, both discs stand well together.

Favorite Tracks:

"The Else"

"Climbing the Walls"

"The Cap'm"

"Take Out the Trash"


"Upside Down Frown"

Favorite Tracks:

"Cast Your Pod to the Wind"

"Brain Problem Situation"

"We Live in a Dump"

"Why Did You Grow a Beard?"

"I'm Your Boyfriend Now"

26. SLOAN -- "Never Hear The End Of It"

When Sloan came out of Canada in 1992, many in the rock press praised their debut "Smeared" for its fuzzy guitars and strong songwriting. Over the years, the band's sound has mellowed from their grungy beginnings to a more retro late-sixties/early seventies vibe. That "next big thing" status never came to fruition for Sloan, at least in the U.S., but that didn't mean they didn't release a solid stack of albums. Their latest, "Never Hear The End of It" finally got a U.S. release in January. It's a massive 77 minutes, containing a mammoth 30 tracks! If you've never heard Sloan, and you want to know their range, you should either pick up their singles collection, "A-Sides Win" or this album. Having all four members trading off songwriting and singing duties have always served the band quite well.

Favorite Tracks:

"Live The Life You're Dreaming Of"

"Everybody Wants You"

"Ana Lucia"

"Listen To The Radio"

"Ill Placed Trust"

27. THE PERISHERS — "Victorious"

Another soft and delicate collection from the Swedish band who brought us the equally great "Let There Be Morning" two years ago. See the blog archives for a complete, in depth review.

Favorite Tracks:

"Never Bloom Again"

"8 AM Departure"


"Best Friends"


28. FEIST — "The Reminder"

"1234" and "My Moon My Man" are everywhere, elevating this previously semi-underground Canadian singer into the mainstream. With her sweet, honey-soaked voice, it's a wonder why it didn't happen sooner.

Favorite Tracks:


"I Feel It All"

"My Moon My Man"

"The Water"

"So Sorry"

29. THE HIVES — "The Black & White Album"

The Swedish garage rockers return and make their longest, most eclectic album to date. Hopefully this album will be the hit their last album wasn't. See the blog archives for a complete, in depth review.

Favorite Tracks:

"Square One Here I Come"

"You Got It All Wrong"

"Tick Tick Boom"

"Won't Be Long."

"Return The Favour"

30. CARINA ROUND — "Slow Motion Addict"

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