Rupert Everett: Jackson a Freak Better Off Dead

British actor Rupert Everett has never been one to mince words.

Now he's become the first celebrity to openly criticize the late King of Pop, describing Michael Jackson as a "freak" who is better off dead.

"I think it was fortuitous that he died," Everett told Britain's Daily Mirror Wednesday. "He was supposed to be doing 50 concerts in London."

"It wouldn't have mattered how good or bad he was. He wouldn't have managed to do all of them, and the press would have destroyed him," Everett said.

Everett, who provided the voice for Prince Charming in the "Shrek" sequels, compared Jackson to one of the animated characters.

"He was a freak," said Everett. "He looked like a character from 'Shrek.' He was a black to white minstrel.

"He personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country. We all watched as he changed from black to white. He was living performance art."

Everett even contrasted Jackson to President Obama.

"We're living in very strange times," he said. "We have Michael Jackson, a black man who has gone white, and we have President Barack Obama, who is a half-white man gone black. It's absolutely fascinating to watch."

The 50-year-old star of "My Best Friend's Wedding" also said Jackson never recovered after his child molestation trial in 2005.

"He was crucified by that court case when he was accused of child molestation -- that killed him."

Ultimately, Everett hopes that Jackson's death will provide a "great lesson."

"I think we are going to see the end of celebrity as we know it. Show business is not an honest profession."