Diablo Cody's Oscar Win Inspires Strippers

Cody followed in the stiletto-heeled footsteps of another blogger who calls herself Lily Burana, who recently wrote on her blog, "I can't tell you how excited I am by [Cody] being shot out of the fame cannon and into the dazzling sky," and then goes on to recount how Cody, as a neophyte blogger, sought out Burana for advice.

Joining Burana and Cody in cyberspace was Ruth Fowler, 28, who wrote her blog under the name Mimi Fowler. After arriving in New York in 2005, the Cambridge-educated writer worked as a freelance journalist before she found work in a club, first as a waitress and then as a dancer.

According to Fowler, "2006 was a really bad time for me. I was stripping and waiting for a visa and every stripper I knew was getting a book deal. I had been in touch with Diablo and she gave me some good advice. If she can do it, I thought, I can do it."

Fowler said that Cody's win might create a buzz for memoirs like her "No Man's Land" slated to come out this summer, but she was unsure that was good or bad.

"It gives hope to a lot of these girls looking to write. But the truth is, most of them are s--. I know that's mean, but many are just really annoying. Every stripper has a story, but not all of them should write them down."

Many other strippers, however, know they will never see their name in Hollywood's lights and have resigned themselves to the neon glow of the strip club stage.

"Maybe, one day I'll marry some rich man," said Chanel, a 24-year-old dancer in New York. "But for now, this is my life."

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