Is Susan Boyle the Real Deal?

Is Susan Boyle as naive as she may seem?

The British singing sensation confessed, in an interview that aired Thursday on the TV show "Extra," that she was just joking when she told judge Simon Cowell on the U.K. reality TV show, "Britain's Got Talent," that she had "never been kissed."

"It was meant as a joke," she told Terri Seymour, a reporter for "Extra" and Cowell's ex-girlfriend. "I've got a wicked sense of humor, you know!"

Even Boyle's frumpy appearance -- she's been dubbed the "hairy angel" by the British press for her frizzy brown hair and bushy eyebrows -- seems more well-groomed these days, though she told Seymour, "I wouldn't like to change anything. I'm perfect the way I am."

Britain's Daily Mail on Thursday ran a picture of Boyle with noticeably thinner eyebrows under the headline, "No Longer a Hairy Angel."

The day before, Boyle was photographed wearing a leather-like jacket over a bright patterned dress and faux beads -- a huge update from the beige, lace, prom-inspired dress she wore for her audition on the show.

Now, some on the Internet are grumbling that Boyle may have been too good to be true. When she burst on the world stage -- a YouTube video of her performance has been viewed more than 100 million times -- she was a diamond in the rough. As more details of her life in the tiny Scottish village of Blackburn emerge, some are starting to question just how innocent Boyle is.

But her singing inspiration, British theater legend Elaine Page, believes Boyle is just as humble as she seems.

"She's a country girl, and I think she just has the most lovely, natural voice," Page said on "Good Morning America." "She's very open in her performance ... in such gloomy times that we're all sort of living through at the moment, economically speaking, she was a breath of fresh air."

And villager Jackie Ruffel told, "She's definitely the real deal, sweet innocent Susan."

Boyle told the "Britain's Got Talent" presenters that she was single and living with her cat Pebbles.

"I've never had a boyfriend," she said. "I've never even been kissed."

The most "GMA" could get from Boyle in an interview last week was "no comment" on the subject of romance.

Ruffel said any talk of Boyle being disingenuous is the media much ado about nothing.

"She's had a kiss but nothing romantic, she's not had any romantic involvement with anybody," said Ruffel, who manages the Happy Valley Hotel, where Boyle is a pub regular. "She took care of her mom. The rest of the family all got married and moved away, but Susan always remained in the house looking after her mother. When her mom passed away, she kind of withdrew into herself."

Boyle's Struggle to Reach the Stage

Boyle's withdrawal included retreating from her music for two years.

According to the British media, Boyle's mom Bridget always encouraged her daughter to take part in regional singing competitions. Boyle also performed in her church choir from the age of 12 and, when she was older, sang karaoke in local pubs.

In 1995, she auditioned for another British television talent show but told the London Times on Sunday that she was "too nervous" and never made it on television.

Afterward, Boyle signed up for singing lessons with local voice coach Fred O'Neil and in 2000 she sang "Cry Me a River" for a charity CD, her only previous recording. Last August, when she heard about auditions for "Britain's Got Talent," she decided to go for it.

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