Introducing . . . The Naked News

You charge people to show them a thing or two about good sex. Some call it prostitution. Tom and Suzi Wahl of Missouri call it education. The couple say they were busted while demonstrating sexual techniques at a seminar. They are now facing misdemeanor prostitution charges. "I'm not qualified in physical therapy or psychology," Tom Wahl said in court, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "but I do feel qualified in conducting sexual seminars."

Hitting the Road in the HempCar

The good news is that Kellie and Grayson Sigler have built a hemp-powered car that runs completely free of gasoline. They expect to take the HempCar — a modified Mercedes station wagon — across the United States and Canada this summer. The bad news is that hemp oil costs $50 a gallon. They expect to go through 400 gallons of hemp on their 10,000-mile journey — you do the math.

Wanted: Nude Baseball Player

Seattle Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki hasn't been dressing in front of his locker like the other players anymore. The rookie says it's not that he's shy. Rather, a Japanese tabloid is offering a $2 million bounty for a nude photo of the fast-rising star, who is not eager to be snapped in his birthday suit. "I don't understand it," he told the Tacoma News Tribune..

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