'American Idol': Expert Bloggers Size Up the Final Nine

What do Elvis Presley, Adam Lambert and a group of somewhat talented singers have in common?

They were all a part of Tuesday night's "American Idol."

This week's theme was Elvis, and it had some competitors shining and some singing as if it were karaoke night at the closest dive bar.

Video: Simon Cowells dig at Dancing with the Stars.
Simon Cowell and Dancing with the Stars

The mentor was Lambert, last year's "Idol" runner-up, and the first contestant to ever return as a mentor. Lambert told contestants to put some more "show" into it. "Elvis was a showman," Lambert told Ryan Seacrest, "so let's put on a show."

"Adam was awesome," Victoria Leigh Miller, "American Idol" blogger for the news Web site Associated Content and "Idol" superfan, told ABCNews.com. "He was one of the best mentors they've had so far. He was really honest and blunt, and he told them to step it up with their personalities, which is really what they need to do."

MJ Santilli, fellow "Idol" superfan and blogger for the Web site MJ's Big Blog detailing everything "Idol," agreed that Adam did a good job as a mentor.

Pants on the Ground

"They really needed advice from someone like Adam," Santilli told ABCNews.com. "He is well-spoken, and he knows how to make a performance come alive and capture the audience's attention. When you watch Adam on "Idol," what he did every week was craft a performance that is vocally, visually and emotionally exciting, and that is what they need to do."

Excitement is what television and entertainment journalists said the entire season could have used more of.

"I am waiting for this season to come alive," Santilli said. "There is just something missing this year. There haven't big enough big watercolor moments."

Tonight, two contestants will be kicked off. Here's a look at the remaining top nine, and our expert bloggers take on last night's performances.

Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia

Garcia, 23, who ranked in the bottom two last week, is from Moreno Valley, Calif. Before he joined "American Idol," Garcia was a YouTube celebrity with more than 30,000 subscribers to his channel. Garcia has a son named Caeland, a name he's had tattooed on the side of his neck.

Last night he sang the Elvis classic "Hound Dog," but most of the judges agreed that Garcia's been delivering boring performances.

"He is in trouble," Miller said. "I was really hoping I wouldn't have to say it, but for too many weeks now he has sounded the same."

Santilli agreed. "He is going home this week," she said. "Something is just not clicking. He doesn't know how to translate the popularity of his acoustic YouTube songs to the "Idol" stage.

Both Santilli and Miller agreed that Garcia was in their bottom three, and shared a strong suspicion that he is going home.

Aaron Kelly

Aaron Kelly

At 16, Kelly is one of two high school students in this year's top nine -- he was in the bottom three last week. This is not Kelly's first television appearance. When he was 11, he appeared on "America's Most Talented Kid."

In last night's performance of "Blue-Suede Shoes," he seemed nervous, even saying that this may have been a bad song choice for him. The judges agreed.

"If I closed my eyes, I liked it," Santilli said. "But when I opened my eyes. I just didn't believe it. I totally agree with Simon that even though he has a good voice, it sounded like a high school production."

Miller said that while Kelly has a good voice, last night he showed his immaturity.

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